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We support startups to successfully launch their idea. Advise future companies and join their team as mentors and coaches.

Who We Are?

A Mallorca Based Incubator & Co-working

There has been a huge accumulation of talent, mentors and investors throughout the island.

Combining startup talents with experienced partners, to build a network of sustainable growth, development and funding is our mission.

6-Week Online Program

Shape Entrepreneurs To Success


Why are Mentors so important?

Mentors drive success! In fact, their input makes startups 7 times more likely to succeed. How? They reduce uncertainty and promote the innovation that entrepreneurs require. Leverage their experience to guide startup talent and harvest their potential.

At Max Ventures, we have created the perfect entrepreneurial ecosystem. We allow entrepreneurs, advisors and investors to connect. We provide all the tools and resources needed to create businesses with real growth potential.


Meet Professionals Of Tomorrow

Connect with the innovators of tomorrow: Meet the founders of cutting-edge companies. Whenever and from wherever you want. The program is 100% online. You decide when you have your mentoring sessions.

Develop your skills: Continually develop your professional abilities and educational skills.

Join the ecosystem: Meet other Mentors and Investors in the Entrepreneur Ecosystem. Connect with the community.

How To Join Our Team

If you want to join the Max Ventures family, you can request an interview. Our team will contact you to schedule a meeting. We can’t wait to meet you!


Register On Our Website And Give Us A Detailed Summary of Your Expertise

We will Get in Touch With You To Schedule A Meeting Online Or In Person

Make A Positive Impact And Help Us Build Incredible Startups

Our Expertise

We Only Teach What We Love And Live

Our expertise and those of our advisors, mentors and investors is broad and profound. We are based on sunny Mallorca, and leisure, lifestyle and real estate are the three main industries, as such special experience and knowledge is available in these sectors.


The Leisure Industry, including  hospitality, hotels, accommodation, mobility, travel and many more areas. New startups emerge every day and it is our intention to help you create value within the industry.


Reimagine the business model by looking beyond the product and make innovation universal. There are no rules to shape new trends and lead the lifestyle of the world for future generations.

Real Estate

For years, the real estate and construction sectors have been slowly ramping up their efforts to innovate. Yet, for the most part, the sector still has a great potential to future embrace innovation.

Max Ventures

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