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We empower and accelerate startup projects from the idea stage to global expansion, by offering education, mentorship and investment opportunities space.

The Complete 6-Week Cohort Program


Building the Business Modell

Validating your idea is the starting point of this journey. It will establish if there is a market for your product or service and define who your customers are. Once the need is identified, we will look at your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and start interacting with customers to design and solidify your business strategies.

You’ll get the support you need to build the ideal business model and understand how to make your startup become financially sustainable.


Structuring, Branding & Marketing

Now that you are clear on your market and business model, it is time to give life to your business by legally structuring the company based on the most tax efficient jurisdiction, building your brand identity, and understanding how to communicate with your target audience in a way that makes you stand out in your industry.

We will cover all strategies to keep you on top of these topics.


Prepare Your Pitch & Get Funded

Your next step will be to meet with potential investors. For this, you need an outstanding pitch deck that will capture attention and convince others of the validity of your idea and your plan. The primary goal of a pitch deck is to secure the resources and funding required to move the business forward.

We will support you during this process and can introduce you to our network of investors that could not only bring you funding but also invaluable insights and strategic support.

A Preview Of Our Program

Our whole program will be part-time friendly, recorded and at any time accessible during the program.

⌛ 1 Hour

Introduction To The Program

A summary of the content you will learn within the program.

⌛ 7 Hours

Marketing Strategies

What are your values and how to communicate your product.

⌛ 8 Hours

Business Modelling

Put focus and define what exactly you will offer and explain.

⌛ 6 Hour

Pitch Preparation

Design a plan that attracts and engages the right investors.

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Additional Service

With a full service program we want you to focus on your startup. We will deliver the rest.


Pitch Deck, Financial Model & Brand Guidelines

With a value of more than €5000 we will provide you with all the professional resources you need to successfully grow your startup.

Members, Friends

Connect with other entrepreneurs and help each other scale.


We will help you during your journey to build the best product or service possible.


Checklists, templates, Excel sheets. We have all the resources you need.


Meet area specific mentors to kickstart or accelerate your venture.

Custom Modules

Depending on your specific needs, we will choose the best content possible.

Get Financed

Max Ventures funding for top startups and additional fundraising events.

Business Plan Checklist

How The Application Process Works

Pre-register on our website and get notified as soon as we open the registration process for our next cohort.


Apply On Our Website And Follow The Instruction To Register Your Startup

We Will Get In Touch With You Once The Cohort Is About To Start

Once The Cohort Is Scheduled, Payment Can Be Submitted On The Website

Our Expertise

Our team of mentors has a broad expertise

Our expertise and those of our advisors, mentors and investors is broad and profound. We are based on sunny Mallorca, and leisure, lifestyle and real estate are the three main industries, as such special experience and knowledge is available in these sectors.


The leisure industry, including hospitality, hotels, accommodation, mobility, travel and many more areas. New startups emerge every day and it is our intention to help you create value within the industry.


Reimagine the business model by looking beyond the product and make innovation universal. There are no rules to shape new trends and lead the lifestyle of the world for future generations.

Real Estate

For years, the real estate and construction sectors have been slowly ramping up their efforts to innovate. Yet, for the most part, the sector still has a great potential to embrace future innovation.


Our Pricing

Our incubator program will grand you access to all our services provided during the period of the program.

6-Week Incubator / Accelerator Program


  • Mentorship & strategic advice
  • Weekly content & brand exposure
  • Financial model, pitch deck & brand guidelines
  • Funding opportunity

Incubator / Accelerator Program and Co-Working


  • Access to our co-working space
  • 2 desks included
  • Fully equipped workspace
  • On site mentorship

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