8-Week Accelerator Program

With a full service program we will provide you with all tools necessary to succeed.

The Complete 8-Week Cohort Program


Building the Business Model

Validating your idea is the starting point of this journey. It will establish if there is a market for your product or service and define who your customers are. Once the need is identified, we will look at your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and start interacting with customers to design and solidify your business strategies.

You’ll get the support you need to build the ideal business model and understand how to make your startup become financially sustainable.


Structuring, Branding & Marketing

Now that you are clear on your market and business model, it is time to give life to your business by legally structuring the company based on the most tax efficient jurisdiction, building your brand identity, and understanding how to communicate with your target audience in a way that makes you stand out in your industry.

We will cover all strategies to keep you on top of these topics.


Prepare Your Pitch & Get Funded

Your next step will be to meet with potential investors. For this, you need an outstanding pitch deck that will capture attention and convince others of the validity of your idea and your plan. The primary goal of a pitch deck is to secure the resources and funding required to move the business forward.

We will support you during this process and can introduce you to our network of investors that could not only bring you funding but also invaluable insights and strategic support.

A preview of our modules

Week 1

During the first week of our accelerator program, we will set the tone for our cohort.

Introduction To The Program

A summary of the content you will learn within the program.

Virtual Get Together

An introduction of all the mentors and startups.


Educational insights about structuring your business.


Week 2

During week 2, we will go in-depth on the following topics:

Business Model Canvas

Learn how to use this tool to quickly and easily define and communicate a business concept.

Problem – Solution – Market Fit

Learn how to communicate the problem you are solving with your realized solution and how to market and validate this.

Legal Structures

Establish the right legal entity for your company and structure it to compete even in an international environment.


Week 3

In this week, the following topics will be covered:


A questionnaire is important because you are prepared for all possible questions you might get from investors.

Development and IT

Devise technology strategies that align IT capabilities with your company’s business goals so you can adapt to strategic changes.

UX Design

Researching your users’ needs and responding to them is crucial and ensures a better customer experience.


Week 4

This week is all about self-assessment & mental health, and mindset:

Self-Assessment & Mental Health

Establish the right balance to maintain control and maintain healthy day-to-day management operations.


The right mindset can help you when facing difficulties during building up your company and ensure you achieve your objectives.


Week 5

This week is all about your company’s branding, marketing and content creation for social media:


Create brand awareness and build customer loyalty.


Get the right marketing tools for your company.

Content Creation For Social Media

The right content is crucial in achieving business and social media objectives.

Week 6

In this week, you’ll learn more about financial model analysis and sales:

Financial model analysis

helps you better understand your company’s financials and optimize your financial data to calculate the impact of a future event or decision.

Sales Channels

A solid sales channel strategy can help you reach a wider audience and increase revenues.

Sales & Channel Marketing

Establishing the right sales & channel marketing strategies can help you reach, engage and convert target prospects into profitable customers.

B2B Marketing & Sales

Solid marketing campaigns to target higher sales can benefit transactions between two businesses.



Week 7

This week is all about recruitment and PR:


Having a suitable recruitment strategy in place can assist your organization in ensuring that its workforce possesses the necessary skills and abilities to meet its current and future needs.

Public Relations

PR is essential for enhancing your company’s credibility, cultivating relationships with key audiences, and fostering mutual understanding between an organization and the public.


Week 8

We share valuable insights regarding advisory boards and global expansion and exit strategies during this week’s module and prepare you for your pitch to potential investors:

Advisory Boards

Having the right advisors for your organization’s board positions empowers growth and can positively impact your organization.

Global Expansion & Exit Strategies

To expand globally, developing a growth strategy that extends your business operations from your domestic market into new international markets is essential.

Exit strategies can assist your company in preparing the optimal strategic plan for selling your company’s ownership to potential investors or another organization.

Pitch Preparation

In the final part of our cohort program, there will be a pitch preparation session. In this session, you will learn how to prepare best to pitch your company for funding to potential investors.


Professionals In Their Element.

Professional advisors are fundamental in the development phase of startups. Having access to our network of mentors, will give you the support you need to successfully launch your project and reduce the risk of failure.

Max Ventures

Additional Service

With a full service program we want you to focus on your startup. We will deliver the rest.


Pitch Deck, Financial Model & Brand Guidelines

With a value of more than €5000 we will provide you with all the professional resources you need to successfully grow your startup.

Members, Friends

Connect with other entrepreneurs and help each other scale.


We will help you during your journey to build the best product or service possible.


Checklists, templates, Excel sheets. We have all the resources you need.


Meet area specific mentors to kickstart or accelerate your venture.

Custom Modules

Depending on your specific needs, we will choose the best content possible.

Get Financed

Max Ventures funding for top startups and additional fundraising events.

Flat Fees For Our Program

Additional costs are only for our pitch deck, financial model, and brand guideline service.

Online Program


2 team members included

Mentorship & strategic advice

Weekly content & live classes

Investment Opportunity

Incl. resources / templates


2 team members included

Incorporation agreements

Data room

Investment agreements

Including all services we offer


2 team members included

Professional Pitch Deck

Financial Model

Brand Guidelines


The acceleration program helped our team to prepare our financing round and the associated negotiations, and then later to bring them to a conclusion. It was also a great opportunity to discuss important decisions in growing our start-up and concretize the next steps. Thank you very much for that!

Layla Nasser

Founder Adsius

The cohort program helped me and my team focus on what is important in our business strategy. The mentors were a great help in that. We got a lot of great insights and inspiration from the program. Now we are much more confident in our growth process.

Til Kraemer

Founder BikeBusinessHub

We can’t recommend Max Ventures enough! Thanks to their vast knowledge and experience we had invaluable support with all due diligence, such as crafting agreements that would have cost us a lot of time and money. They also supported us financially, investing 100K in our company, which had a significant impact on our scalability!

Gabriel Barrera Cañellas

Founder Begekko